Hungary was visited by record number of tourists

Hungary was visited by record number of tourists

The latest data on traffic confirmed that 2018 was a record year for Hungary’s tourism sector. Sector productivity has grown continuously since 2010. Planning thousands of tourist events each year aims to increase tourism growth in 2019 and to maintain this trend in subsequent years.

Last year, out of 15.6 million of all guest nights spent, 15.3 million were spent by foreigners. In comparison with 2017, commercial premises received a 9.3% higher income. This successful development, including sue to the sacrificial work of people in the tourism sector, makes a great contribution to the development of Hungary from year to year.

Regions of Budapest-Central Danube and Lake Balaton were the most popular regions for foreign and domestic tourists last year. The good news is that the number of people coming to our country is growing.

In comparison with last year, the number of high-ranking guests from among American, Canadian, Chinese and Spanish tourists increased twice. The strengthening of Hungarian tourism is also reflected in the fact that its growth rates have exceeded the Czech and are close to indicators of Austria. Further growth of the sector will be promoted in 2019 by thousands of new tourist developments and routes mentioned above through the whole country.

The Hungarian Tourism Agency writes: “Priority attention will be paid and a serious step on digitalization of the sector is taken. Our task is further development of the airport as the main gate of the country and approach of its services to the worthy best international standards of Hungary. Implementation of the National Tourism Development Strategy will make Hungary the leading tourist area in Central Europe."

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