Joint development plan with China

Joint development plan with China

In Beijing, the foreign ministers of the two countries agreed on a five-point plan for the further development of Hungarian-Chinese relations. One of the goals is to create a Hungarian-Chinese university.

The ministers also discussed cooperation in logistics, which should include the preparation of a high-speed railway project linking Budapest with Bucharest through Kolosvar, based on the cooperation of the Hungarian and Romanian governments and with the help of Chinese finance and technical support.

The third point concerns the architectural cooperation, according to which Hungarian engineers and architects will have the opportunity to participate in China’s national urbanization plan.

The fourth point is water issues, about the joint work of Hungarian and Chinese companies on the implementation of water management development projects in Asia and Africa.

The fifth point of the plan is the further development of tourism, according to tour operators, after the launching of new flights the two countries will significantly increase tourist traffic between them.
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