Pilot training in Hévíz

Pilot training in Hévíz

Aviation is one of the fastest growing branches of the global economy. That is why it is so important that Norwegian investors have developed a new pilot training center for Hungary. The Central European Aviation Cluster (CEAC), which is owned by Norwegian Flight Academy, creates a pilot training center in Hévíz with an investment of 15 million euros.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, announcing these investments at a press conference in Budapest, said that the Pilot Training Center in Hévíz will help Hungary pay more attention to the world's fastest growing aviation industry in the future. With the creation of a pilot school in Hévíz, the staff of the largest pilot training academy in Norway will arrive in Hungary, where 300 pilots under the guidance of 80 instructors and experts receive training every year.

Investments in Hévíz are good for interstate relations between Hungary and Norway. According to the minister, they further strengthen the strategic ties of the allies, in addition to such as energy and defense policy. According to the deputy from the region, the development of the former military airfield is strategically important.

Keszthely – Hévíz is the second largest tourist destination in Hungary after Budapest, and a high-tech pilot training center will help attract additional investments to the region.

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