Reviving of the pearl of Budapest - Palace area

Reviving of the pearl of Budapest - Palace area

The area of the Royal Castle of Buda is a sign quarter of the capital of Hungary. Even those who have not been in Budapest are familiar with the photos in the world press of the Fishers bastion, Matthias Church, the Royal Castle and the recent report of the Hungarian Prime Minister about the transfer of the restored Carmelite monastic order monastery to its “historic place”.

During the Second World War, of all the districts of Budapest, the area of the fortress suffered the most, the most extensive damage was caused to it, many historic buildings were completely destroyed, and after the end of the war it was demolished.

The government decided to conduct an architectural "screening" of buildings after 1945 in the castle area. Over the past 60 years, the castle itself was reconstructed and became an ornament of the city. The national program of reconstruction is directed to make Buda’s castle, this “the most beautiful place in the most beautiful capital of the world”, the pride of the Hungarian people, more tourist.

Castle paths, embankments, walls, parks and gardens are being reconstructed. Ongoing investments are directed to organization of a riding school, renovating of the main building of the guard and the shrine of the chapel of St. Stephen. To make the areas with the highest attendance available, a new underground parking for hundreds of places will be constructed. The budget for the next 3 years is more than 120 million euros annually. Stables for horse guards will be ready this summer.
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