The development of Lake Velence

The development of Lake Velence

The development of Lake Velence has an explosive speed in recent years. The region, located halfway between Budapest and Siófok, began to develop in the early twentieth century, when landowners recognized that coastal development was more profitable than grain production.

Today, in the former countryside, which still maintains a quiet, homely atmosphere in some places, the resort infrastructure is booming, there is a sparkling cultural and sports life.

New residential complexes are being built around the lake, which makes this region one of the most attractive. At the last conference on integrated development concepts for the area, the Prime Minister said that the tourist value of Lake Velence is growing rapidly, calling the lake a "gold mine", adding that "Lake Balaton has been a priority for the last decade, Lake Velence can be next," and the region should receive significant resources to increase its development opportunities in recent years.

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