New impulse in the Budapest housing market

New impulse in the Budapest housing market

Some residents of Budapest still remember that the 9th district, Ferencváros, bore the name of the “prolin quarter”. The plants, mills, slaughterhouse, mentioned in the works of the greatest Hungarian poets, such as Attila Jozsef, and located along the Danube remained only in people's memories. The interior of the capital is crowded, and the first large-scale buildings have already begun in the suburbs. The construction of modern office buildings began in Ferencváros, and then grew as if from under the ground a new cultural district with its Palace of Arts, National Theater, Keith.

Now a new valuable chapter opens - the most popular areas of Ferencváros began to be built up with residential buildings, opening a new housing market in Budapest. The restoration of the internal zones near Nagykőrűt became extremely successful.

Under the new developed plans, residential complexes will be built at several nearby plots and more than 1,000 apartments will be put step by step into operation. According to experts, this will remind many aspects of the construction and development of the Corvin and Corvin Quarter, which began 15 years ago.

Time has confirmed the correctness of the decision of those who bought property on the Corvin embankment in the beginning of construction. The prices per square meter of housing here are higher than average in Budapest and over the decade increased more than twice, and rental prices for apartments are much higher than in other properties in this area.

The special location near the Danube, the proximity of the National Theater, many universities, including medical, clinics, can make these parts of District 9 the “millennium quarter”. According to experts, this is the ideal solution for those who love to live in the city center, students or working nearby, as well as for investment or leasing.

You can buy a new apartment here, because of the characteristics of the area, it is possible to predict the intensive development of residential real estate sector.

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