Forest in the apartment

Forest in the apartment

The coming climatic catastrophe makes an increasing number of urban architects think not only about planting many thousands of new trees, but also about the possibility of improving the urban landscape with the help of vertical gardening.

This initiative covers not only residential and office buildings, but also hotels and airports from green Europe to Asia. The trend began in Milan, where botanists were able to place a whole hectare of forest on the balconies of the apartments of two gloomy giant block buildings for several years. Their efforts were appreciated not only by residents of two specific houses, but also by all city residents.

Since then, active green construction has begun in China. In Hungary the project Metrodom is the closest to the new architectural direction. The peculiarity of the project is that buildings and plants are integral parts of each other, which creates a very similar to the natural habitat and allows the use of various evergreen, flowering and deciduous plants.
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